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Skydiving as Tandem Passenger

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A friend of mine show me last week the foto from her Skydiving as tandem passanger. 

If you think about doing it during your stay here in Tuscany here some Infos about the school close to Lucca:

 The  Lucca Skydiving School  - Associazione Paracadutisti Toscani ASD  and our office is at Lucca-Tassignano airport -  where we are open on Saturday and Sundays.

Ours is a sports Association with legal status and are:
- Duly authorized to operate as a Skydiving School by Transport Civil Aviation Authority;
- Affiliated with n. FIPAS29 Italian Sport Parachuting Federation;
- Affiliated with code n.12916 Ente Sports Promotion ASC (Sports Activities Confederate);
- Registered with n. REA LU211723 the Registrar of Companies at the Commerce’s Office of Lucca;
- Registered with n. 132771 Registry of CONI of ASD with legal status;
- Registered with n. 257, Tuscan Regional Register of Legal Persons.

Skydiving activity as Tandem Passenger Student is recommended for people in good health: it is important not to be cooled (also not even have ears "muffled" and / or clogged sinuses) and did not perform scuba-diving with self-contained air in 48 hours prior to jump. If you are unsure about your physical or in the presence of any type of disease orwhere there is a drugs you are taking, you should consult  with your physician or with a sports doctor or a medical specialist before requesting a reservation.

Tandem Passenger must be an adult. It's recommended a normal diet (absolutely no need to remain fasting!!), But remember that skydiving activity is not compatible with assumption of alcoholic beverages and/or any kind of illegal drugs.

Skydiving activity is subject to compliance with many variables. Jumps will be madeas far as possible taking into account order of their registration. This means that you get the latest and less time is left to go in the air, in addition to several other people have come before you and therefore already waiting. It's necessary to provide the maximum time in which you intends to present at the Lucca Skydiving School.

Tandem Passengers Students who book will be presented at the airport in all weather conditions and without limitations of time of their stay in the airport until sunset (at which point skydiving day is completed). It 'should also consider that the activity is subject to both tandem manytechnical and organizational variables (for example after every jump made​​, we should first carefully fold tandem parachute for reuse), which related to the weather conditions which must of course ensure maximum operational safety.

Prior to jump, Tandem Passenger Student participate in a theoretical and practical lessons, during which learn what to do during all stages of jump, from the moment, always accompanied by his Tandem Instructor, exiting from hangar until the return inside of that after made jump.
We will explain parachute  operation and even altimeter which even Tandem Passenger Student will be equipped, how to open the parachute - since opening handles are 2 and one is always available to Tandem Passenger - as have fun in conduct of the flight of the parachute: Tandem Instructor will flyin all these processes, but Tandem Passenger Student will be instructed to participate actively during jump, perhaps because he intends to begin Skyding Course to became a Skydiver.

Once the lesson, Tandem Passenger Student will be ready to live with us this unforgettable experience and we will be happy to share with Him or Her proudest moment.

At a high altitude with the aircraft will last 15 minutes, followed by 1 minute of freefall and 5-6 minutes with  canopy open. The feeling of free fall will be pleasant waterline, because it is absolutely untrue that in free fall you have the feeling of falling, as is the case on the rides a Rollercoaster!

Will be beautiful freefall and parachute flight phase, with the beautiful panorama from us you can admire unforgettable views of the walled city of Lucca, the sea, the mountains of the Apennines, the Versilia, Pisa, Livorno and during winter you can see Corsica Island!

Few seconds before and during all landing phase, Tandem Passenger Student lift the legs and the first contact with ground will be only on the legs of your Tandem Instructor, who trains and is trained for this! This procedure will be taught and emphasized many times, because all the equipment tandem are designed to have Tandem Passenger Student hooked just below Instructor and allowing him to see in front of him, both in free-fall under canopy.

It's appropriate for those who want jump will come up with an identity document, sneakers (normal type, with rubber soles) and comfortable clothes, go well gymnastic suitor tight pants, soft cloth (to feel comfortable under suit throwing fitting that we will provide) and a tight shirt or sweatshirt. During warm season inthe suit can also be used to jump only t-shirt and shorts. 

Since there are limits imposed by equipment manufacturer that we use concerning maximum weight allowed,  if Tandem Passenger Student weighing more than 100kg, it’s appropriate that this information is communicated at the time of booking.

We accept reservations not previously than 1 month before.

To make a reservation should be:

1) provided date of reservation and Time of arrival (8:00, 10:30 or 12:30), 
2) video and photo request;
3) names of people who will jump in Tandem, as well as data relating to the person registering reservation;
4) a telephone number.

Person that registrering reservation, will be our contact person and will have the responsibility to inform those who jump on operating procedures presented here.


We await You!

Scuola Paracadutismo Lucca
Mobile: 349 5145 377
Phone (only during weekends): 0583 933 666
Tandem Info and Booking: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Courses Info and Booking: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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